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Do you want to give a sporty friend, acquaintance or family member the ultimate sports gift? Seize the opportunity to let him/her experience a unique sporting experience. Find out about our gift vouchers and gift boxes, available through our webshop.

Gift voucher: cycling fitness test - running fitness test

It is not only top athletes who need a good, substantiated training schedule. You can also achieve your goal more efficiently as a recreational athlete. We chart your fitness via a running or cycling test. Four clear steps is all it takes to uncover your strengths and explain where there is still room for improvement. The scientific analysis of the test results ensures that we provide detailed advice and a customised training programme  with which you can start immediately.

Uncover the cycling and running gift cards here.

Energy Lab Cadeaubon Conditietest Lopen

Gift box: sports nutrition - healthy food

Sports nutrition gift box

Training is an important factor for improved performance.  However, for every to complete their training sessions, sufficient nutrients are required. This gift box entitles you to a comprehensive food consultation with an Energy Lab sports nutritionist. 

Uncover the gift box here.

Healthy food gift box

Healthy food is an important pillar that contributes to a healthy lifestyle. If you take good care of your body and put in all the necessary nutrients in the correct quantities, this will have a positive effect on your overall health. This gift box entitles you to a comprehensive food consultation with a nutrition expert from Energy Lab. 

Uncover the gift box here.

Sportvoedingsadvies Bon
Voedingsadvies Bon

Gift box: perfect on your bike

The correct seating position on your bike is determined by a number of factors, and this requires a multi-disciplinary approach. The bike must be adapted to the rider and not the other way around. Each individual has different dimensions, different proportions and other anatomical structures. That's why we have a state-of-the-art bicycle positioning lab at Energy Lab. 

Uncover the gift box here.

Fietspositionering Bon

Coupons €50 - €300

Do you want to give a sports enthusiast an original gift? Then give him or her a discount voucher for a test at Energy Lab. The following vouchers are available: €25€75€100€150€300.

Cadeaubon Back

Voucher Start2Run met Evy (BE) - Hardlopen met Evy (NL)

Start 2 Run met Evy (BE)/ Hardlopen Met Evy (NL) is your personal coach and running partner on your smartphone. Train to your favourite music and receive personal guidance and motivation from Evy Gruyaert during the training sessions. In this app you can find schedules that prepare you for your first 5 km, as well as more advanced running schedules. Success is guaranteed. 

Uncover the vouchers: Start 2 Run met Evy (BE) / Hardlopen met Evy (NL).

Start2Run Harlopen Met Evy

Yoga met Evy: Starter package

It's time for yoga. Practice Yoga met Evy whenever and wherever you want. Evy is your personal coach and yoga partner on your smartphone. 

Reserve your Yoga met Evy starter kit containing a yoga mat, a yoga block, and a voucher that entitles you to a Yoga met Evy teaching kit of your choice. Download the Yoga met Evy App for free in the Google Play Store or from iTunes. 

Discover the starter package here.

Yoga Met Evy Starterspakket

MyEnergyLab voucher

You can use this voucher code to create a MyEnergyLab training schedule for your sporting challenge. The voucher code comes with a unique “kick some ass” saver. Uncover more about MyEnergyLab

You can purchase the voucher here.

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