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Start 2 Run effort test

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Are you reaching the end of your build-up schedule to 5 km and do you want to improve further? Then the Start 2 Run fitness test is definitely for you. This test determines your personal training zones and general fitness level.

  • After the test you can use your personal training zones via the Start 2 Run app to further maintain and improve your condition using the schedules offered in the app.

How does it work?

1. Sports medical questionnaire

Prior to your fitness test, you need to fill out this validated sports medical questionnaire and bring along the result. Depending on the result (green, orange or red) an advice will be given to do a sports medical examination.

- Green light: a sports medical examination is not necessary, your fitness test can continue 

- Orange / red light: a sports medical examination is mandatory before your fitness test can continue, via an SKA sports doctor or at Energy Lab

Please note: if you have not yet completed the questionnaire at the time of your fitness test, you can fill it in on the spot, but your fitness test will NOT be able to take place when the result is orange or red.

2. Intake interview 

Through an intake interview you will go over your sports and medical history with one of our coaches.

3. Body analysis

This is followed by an initial measurement via a DEXA scan. This scan will determine your body composition. From the DEXA-scan the following values will be determined, among others:

  • Fat percentage & lean mass in the whole body & body part
  • Bone density and weight of your total bone mass
  • Weight of each body part, this also allows for example comparing muscle mass left & right.

4. The fitness test

This is followed by a short running test on the treadmill. This test will last a maximum of 15 minutes and aims to determine your personal heart rate zones. The speed is increased by 1 km/h per minute. The maximum oxygen intake (VO2 Max) is continuously recorded and is a very good indicator of your general fitness. Your heart rate is also continuously measured. Based on these measurements, your personal heart rate zones are then determined and your general fitness is evaluated via the VO2 Max value in relation to the same target group.

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5. The results

After the test, you will receive a detailed overview of your test results which will be discussed with your coach. From now on you can continue to work with your Start 2 Run app and continue to build your fitness and running distance in a very targeted way.

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