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Fit & Healthy package

Fit Gezond Pakket

Try out this unique personal health package and become the best version of yourself. Just working out, eating healthy, a good relax-focus interval or focusing on achievable goals? It’s the combination of these four elements that ensure you are able to better yourself.

Follow our Fit & Healthy package for 3 months: you are guided by your personal Energy Lab coach and get a good picture of your progress via an accurate measurement of your starting and end point.

1. Intake interview with the (sports) nutritionist & determination body composition

Your goals, dietary habits and weekly planning: all relevant data is bundled to optimally guide you forwards.

We determine your body composition with a DEXA scan. This scan is the most precise and reliable way to map your body composition. We measure your muscle mass, fat (including location) and bone density. Your metabolism is also measured. These results will be discussed in detail.

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2. Exercise test on the bike or on the treadmill

We monitor your performance during an exercise test. Your condition is measured through multiple parameters: heart rate, intensity and lactic acid levels (lactate). You get to know your optimal training zones

3. Training schedule and nutritional advice

After your exercise test, we will give you a detailed report of the test results, along with training advice. An exhaustive 12-week customised training schedule, taking into account your goals and available time, will be discussed on the spot.

4. Interim reviews with your Energy Lab coach

You go to work with your schedule and receive feedback from your personal coach or nutricionist during three review moments (free to choose). This conversation (+/- 20 minutes) takes place via Skype or phone. You don’t have to come to the lab.

5. Second DEXA scan

3 months have passed: time for another visit to Energy Lab. During the appointment you will go under the DEXA scan a second time and your muscle mass, fat percentage and bone strength will be measured again. Now you’ll see if the past 3 months yielded positive results. 

Become the best version of yourself

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Fit Gezond Pakket