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Pay to Sleep!


A Japanese company is paying its employees a bonus of no less than 495 Euros per year if they get enough sleep.

A chronic lack of sleep has a heavy economic toll. An American study claims it costs the American economy 411 billion dollars annually.

Loon naar slapen

We are stating the obvious when we say that the benefit of sufficient sleep is still being underestimated. Did you know that there are 24% more heart attacks in the days after changing the clock from winter to daylight saving time? And inversely, we see a similar drop when we regain an hour of sleep in October. Sufficient sleep is not just healthier for your body; it also leads to a better performance at work.

The Japanese wedding planning business Crazy Inc. prevents sleep deprivation among its staff by taking a totally different approach. Employees who manage six hours of sleep for at least five days per week are rewarded for it. The employees use an app to measure their sleeping patterns to help them earn points, which can be used to pay in the work canteen. The maximum credit that employees can accumulate comes to approximately 495 Euros per year.

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