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How Energy Lab turns data into actionable items for athletes and businesses

Corporate Wellbeing

Energy Lab came into being with the ambition of supporting starting—and seasoned—athletes in their preparation for a sporting challenge. The concept came from its parent company Golazo, but with its commitment to the broader aspect of wellbeing, Energy Lab has since become a mature player in both sports coaching and corporate wellbeing for companies. "Companies today recognise how important it is to have their employees in good physical and mental health," Energy Lab CEO Kristof De Smet said in an interview with business newspaper L'Echo.

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Knowledge is power 

A loose translation of writings of Sir Francis Bacon. Energy Lab provides ambitious recreational athletes with useful information to make tangible, meaningful and lasting progress. "We run a series of tests, but we don't give results just to have data. We offer a real monitoring programme," Kristof explains. "We also offer a biomechanical analysis to improve the position on your bike or to find the shoe that best suits your running style. Many people buy equipment, but don't know how to use it." In doing so, Energy Lab is surfing the data analytics trend that has largely influenced the sports world in recent years.

“We don’t give results just to have data. We offer a real monitoring programme.”Kristof De Smet, CEO Energy Lab

Hard data is in hot demand 

"Nowadays, data is everywhere. When people watch Wout Van Aert on TV, they can see all his statistics and they want to compare themselves. Anyone who starts running has a watch on their wrist. But how many really know what to do with this data", the CEO wonders. Reality shows: very few. That's why Energy Lab's services focus on improvement processes with concrete action points and training schedules based on the measured data, which people can use in a goal-oriented way.

Faced with an ever-increasing demand, Energy Lab has adapted its offer. "Our offer for private individuals had been in place for some time, but it was difficult to scale up. That's why we developed an offer for businesses that focuses on being active in and outside the workplace. This allows us to reach many more people with our knowledge and experience. One of our main customers is ING, which sometimes signs up hundreds of employees for our events. We also offer corporate wellbeing programmes," explains Kristof De Smet, who modulates his programmes to suit the needs of the company. "This ranges from an SME visiting one of our centres with its 15 employees to collective virtual sessions for 1,000 employees."

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