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TVH Nudge Stars successfully complete quarter triathlon

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On 26 May 2022, the employees of parts specialist TVH crowned their six-month sports training programme 'TVH Nudge Stars' with the Izegem quarter triathlon. Energy Lab guided 20 TVH employees, 13 colleagues from Belgium and 7 international employees, in the run-up to the race.

In December 2021, 20 TVH employees - the so-called TVH Nudge Stars - embarked on a sporting journey that would change their lives. Thanks to TVH the selected employees received six months of professional sports coaching to prepare them for this quarter triathlon. A personal training schedule was developed for each Nudge Star, they received a sports outfit in the TVH colours and intensive guidance of Energy Lab coaches was always within reach. 

Encouraging healthier choices

The trajectory at TVH in which they were guided, is part of TVH's Nudge health policy. Through Nudge, the company encourages its employees to make healthier choices. TVH did so before by setting up initiatives around mental wellbeing, sports and healthy nutrition. So this year, they went even further. 

Niki Mistiaen, Employee Happiness Advisor at TVH and organiser of the Nudge actions, explains: "Some colleagues were already regularly taking part in sports competitions before this programme, while others hadn't touched their running shoes or bicycle in years. After months of intensive exercising, with ups and downs, they delivered a very nice performance. There were even a few personal records broken."

To be repeated next year

Aron De Ketele (Administrator Materials) was one of the Nudge Stars. Things didn't always go smoothly, he says: "An injury during training caused some setbacks. But above all, I retain a very positive feeling about this adventure. For example, at Energy Lab Ghent we met triathlete Frederik Van Lierde, who provided us with tips." For Hermien Wittouck (Learning & Development Specialist) too, training for the quarter triathlon had become 'part of life': "It was quite a puzzle to combine six training sessions a week with my household, but it was all worth it. I am very proud that I was able to do this. I can recommend all my colleagues to participate next year as well."

"A healthy employee contributes to a better working atmosphere and more happiness at work" Dominiek Valcke, CEO of TVH

In addition to the Nudge Stars, another 47 TVH colleagues competed in the quarter or fun triathlon. Dominiek Valcke, CEO of TVH, also participated: "TVH sponsors the fun triathlon this year. This event ties in perfectly with our Nudge programme: promoting a more active, healthier lifestyle among our employees. It is something in which TVH invests considerably because a healthy employee contributes to a better working atmosphere and more happiness at work. That is why we will definitely be back here next year with new Nudge Stars."

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