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Riding a digital Tour de France with all employees? We made it possible for INEOS

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At INEOS, one of the largest chemical companies in the world, we brought employees into contact with one another from around the world through a joint movement project.

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A digital Tour de France

INEOS develops some of the raw materials used in the material of the cyclists riding the Tour de France. It is not for nothing that both the company and the bicycle race share the same values- to challenge people, seize opportunities and go to extremes.  The ideal approach for a digital campaign that was rolled out for INEOS employees worldwide.

Our idea? Creating a digital competition in which our employees had to travel in teams on the same rides as the Tour de France cyclists during the race. Via such apps as Strava, Garmin and Runkeeper, the participants could collect km by moving (cycling, walking, running, etc.). Just like in the real Tour de France, in addition to the team classification, there was also an individual jersey classification for those who collected the most km (yellow jersey) or the most metres in height (polka dot jersey).

The platform not only included the rides and a classification, but also provided room for an explanation from INEOS and a link to the Tour de France. The campaign was also linked to charities, each one chosen by the different INEOS departments. As a result, the project became a unique way to get in touch with each other and to show what their colleagues are doing. And it was successful because more than a thousand people in total took part. This included both die-hard athletes and recreational cyclists.

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In addition to the team classification, an individual classification was also drawn up with a yellow, green, white and polka dot jersey. Our digital platform always gave a live update of the km travelled. Every morning, all participants received a newsletter with training tips, interesting facts, and a collage of the best photos that had been submitted. Commuting on the bicycle has never been so popular.

This was the first time a company-wide health initiative was launched, and it was an instant hit. Leen H

We worked with INEOS to add an extra element to the exercise campaign: every team that successfully completed the challenge received financial support for their chosen charity. And so, more than 30 good causes were supported worldwide. Proud and fit employees: a winning combination!

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View the INEOS Tour de France report here

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