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Soccer challenge becomes big hit

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Over 1,500 participants made it to the start of the European Championship

Four weeks before the start of the European Championship football, Energy Lab invited employees of six entities, such as Delhaize, PwC and Total, to team up and make their way to the start of the tournament in the EC Soccer challenge.

Over the course of those four weeks, over 1,500 participants across 6 six companies gathered steps on their way to the start of the tournament. The weekly goal increased each week, starting with 400,000 steps in week one and finishing strong with 750,000 steps in the final week before the Championship kicks off.

During the challenge, the participants learned how to recover, train and eat like professional athletes thanks to fun and educational content provided by experts in their respective field. For example, we show people the most common injuries the Belgian Red Devils experience and what you can do to avoid them.

What’s more, to make sure they reached the weekly amount of steps, fun bonus challenges such as the Extra Time challenge were implemented to increase engagement. 

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