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PwC Heroes: from (almost) zero to triathlon hero

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They did it! Just six months ago, 30 PwC Heroes bravely embarked upon a journey that would take them from a sedentary lifestyle to completing a quarter triathlon in Berlare on Saturday, 28 May 2022. The majority of these heroes had little or no experience prior to joining the ambassadors programme and for most, maintaining a healthy lifestyle had fallen victim to the pressures of family life, work or just too much good living!

Starting from (almost) zero... to becoming a PwC Hero

Look back at their brave journey over the last 6 months from a sedentary lifestyle to completing a quarter triathlon. With little to zero experience in sports, these PwC Heroes proved that whatever your physical condition, there's no limits to what you can achieve with the right support and motivation. PwC Belgium is proud to invest in their people, seeing them become the best versions of themselves at work, and in life.

Fit for You

Our PwC Heroes programme - part of the overall Fit for You initiative - is all about giving people the opportunity to adopt a healthier and fitter lifestyle via expert guidance and coaching of Energy Lab. All in the effort to meet one very challenging goal: to complete a quarter triathlon. 

“Combining a healthy lifestyle, family and career IS possible at PwC" Mieke Van Leeuwe, Director PwC Belgium

“Combining a healthy lifestyle, family and career IS possible at PwC", says Mieke van Leeuwe, Director at PwC Belgium. "I strongly believe in the principle of ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’. That’s why I’m proud to work at PwC Belgium where you’re given the tools and are encouraged to be your best self. As a mother of 12 and 9 year olds and a newborn, and as a Director, I want to be a role model for others and show that combining different parts of your life is possible."

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Kick-off camp

As the first step on their journey, the 30 PwC Heroes spent a weekend at Energy Lab in Ghent, taking part in workshops and training sessions, listening to keynote presentations and undertaking physical tests. Getting to know one another and team building were also a vital part of the agenda.

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