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New health campaign leads to happy and healthy holidays

10 Ways For Healthy Holidays

Maybe you’ve experienced it. It’s not uncommon to loosen the reins a little during the Holiday Season. However, sometimes you risk going on a Burgundian bender. A month of lavish dinners can make a serious dent in your list with good intentions before you really had a chance to get started.

Therefore, Energy Lab developed its '10 Ways For Healthy Holidays' campaign. Within two weeks, just before the start of the Holidays, we learned people how it is possible to experience the festive season in a conscious and healthy manner, without sacrificing warmth or ambience.

Befitting build-up

Our interactive wellbeing platform was embellished matching the Christmas spirit. We treated employees to practical tips, fun quizzes and interesting content articles via an advent calendar. As the festive season approached, each day a new door opened with useful content to experience happy and healthy holidays.

Info & incentives

A total of 6 clients unravelled this mindful campaign to their employees and more than 2,200 people took part. For one client we achieved their largest entry to date, nearing almost 1,000 participants. Participation rate stayed high until the end as participants were incentivised daily with a hidden letter behind each content piece. By gradually releasing letters that formed a prize-winning word, employees experienced the entire campaign.

“I enjoyed all the challenges. Lots of good tips that really got me thinking. And it was fun to do!”

From how to ‘winterize’ your immune system and a bit of dinner table etiquette to handy how-to’s to limit your calory intake at the party and walking off the rest the morning after. Have you ever heard of the ‘one in three’ rule? No? Then this mindful campaign will be of use to your healthy party habits. A mix and match between three of our 4 pillars: move, mental resilience and nutrition. Together with ‘sleep’, we devise numerous campaigns for a made to measure platform to instil vital working environments within companies.

For more info about Energy Lab and our Corporate Well-being solutions, get in touch via the contact form or call +32 474 84 18 99.

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