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How Bridgestone was able to involve its employees in the Olympic partnership

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This internal promotion of the Olympic Partnership embodies the perfect mix of sponsorship, corporate wellbeing & CSR.

Bridgestone has been one of the top sponsors of the IOC (International Olympic Committee) since 2014. To make the best possible use of this partnership, the tyre manufacturer promotes this both externally and internally. It does so externally with the “Chase Your Dream, No Matter What” campaign, with its main message being that, despite all the setbacks and resistance you may encounter, you can succeed in achieving your dreams. Bridgestone also wants its own employees to take part in the Olympic story by taking advantage of an internal promotion campaign and improving their physical health at the same time. Moreover, Bridgestone will link this to its global CSR strategy: “Our Way to Serve”. Bridgestone not only wants to get its employees moving, it also wants to help others overcome their challenges. For every kilometer collected, Bridgestone will pay a sum of money to local charities committed to cancer prevention.

The digital platform not only motivates our employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the game element also creates a nice dynamic and unique team atmosphere in the workplace! James Sterpin, Head of Brand Activation & Olympics

With the help of Energy Lab, Bridgestone wants to get as many of EMEA zone employees as possible (some 16,000) moving. For this, Energy Lab has developed a digital platform (in 9 languages) that allows employees to register their movement activities (manually or automatically via a connection with other platforms) and consolidate the results online. The goal for 2018 was to work together to achieve 1 million active kilometres. Since this goal has already been reached after just half a year, we have increased it. The choice of how to collect the kilometres is up to each individual: everyone at their own pace. Walking, cycling, swimming, walking, taking the stairs, even gardening. Everything is registered, and everything counts. Just as the Olympic Games, participation is the first objective.

In order to keep the Olympic flame burning in every employee, as well as to offer a roadmap that contributes to a healthier lifestyle, employees will be provided with specific challenges throughout the year. For example, February saw the initiation of the challenge to reach the 10,000 steps threshold several times; there was a Start2Run challenge; and there are also challenges that focus on varied food, drinking habits, and much more. A wide range of topics has helped to make the story fascinating for a year.

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What makes this whole story even more powerful is that Bridgestone has linked this initiative with its international CSR campaign “Our Way to Serve - promoting healthier communities”. Taking part in sport is good in itself, but it can also be good for others: by collecting kilometres, Bridgestone collects money to support local charities that are committed to cancer prevention. This makes the initiative even more relevant.  

The video below explains the concept:

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