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A big leap forward on all energy levels

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Master Your Energy is a 100-day behavioural improvement programme, aspiring to turn employees’ energy drains into energy gains by boosting their physical, mental, and emotional energy levels. The underlying idea is that, by revitalising their energy levels, we help create a sustainable high-performance working environment and culture. Because time is a finite resource, but energy has no limits.

This theory has already been put to the test. Thanks to uniform pre- and post-measurements, we’ve tracked the development of the different energy levels of 150 employees that took part in our Master Your Energy programme. The results? Double digit gains on all three fronts, with mental energy leading the way. 

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The increase in mental resilience turned out to be a staggering 23% (from 40% to 63%). Often overlooked in standard, entry-level wellbeing initiatives, the mental aspect is a key aspect when talking employee motivation and employee engagement. Master Your Energy focuses on strengthening mental resilience, job satisfaction and self-fulfilment. Which is also apparent in the 12% rise in emotional energy levels.

Already established at many companies, but no less important: physical energy. We go beyond the base concept of physical activity, teaching participants about the importance of healthy nutrition and a solid sleeping pattern. When we compared physical pre- and post-levels, we saw a 15% increase spread across the 150 participants.

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