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Discover how we can also have an impact in smaller companies

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At Energy Lab, we not only focus on large companies, we can also have an impact with smaller teams via a few focussed campaigns. You can read how we did that at Biogen here.

Get your employees to live healthier

Biogen is a biotech company that conducts research into innovative treatments for people with severe neurological, autoimmune and rare diseases. We worked with them and took on the challenge to make their team of 30 employees live healthier.

We started our project with an inspiring session by top coach, Paul Van Den Bosch, who accompanied Sven Nys and Marc Herremans, among others. The perfect person to make people want to move more. And that is exactly what the Biogen team did, because  everyone underwent a health scan at Energy Lab. This consists of various elements in which, among other things, strength, endurance and balance are measured. Afterwards, you get a personal dashboard containing the results and some points on which to get started. In addition, the extensive questionnaire also gave us a great insight into the general health of the company as a whole.

Based on this information, we developed two campaigns that were rolled out on the Biogen workplace.

The first emphasis was on ergonomics, because at Biogen, they “sit” with a problem. To change the mindset, we organised a seminar with useful tips and tricks on how to adjust your posture. At the same time, we introduced some new concepts to change the office into an active workshop. With the help of such things as standing desks, walking desks and seating balls, we broke through the traditional pattern and helped the employees of Biogen to adopt a better sitting posture.

The other focus of the campaigns was on healthy drinks. Under the heading “Rethink your drink”, we showed what healthy drinks were and what you should take in moderation. We started the campaign with a workshop, and then ensured a lasting effect. We did this by hanging posters above the urinals, because urine colour provides an initial indication of the substances in your body. In addition, we also offered tasty and healthy alternatives. Finally, our squat 4 coffee machine brought some entertainment to the workplace: coffee served after you complete 10 squats.

Fit employees are the beating heart of your company

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