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Corona Direct is fully committed to Sparks for hybrid working

Corona Direct

​Working from home can have a tremendously positive impact on work-life balance. Insurer Corona Direct, which has been strongly committed to hybrid working for years,​ also understands this. But for Corona Direct, hybrid working is only successful when sufficient attention is paid to the health of the employees, both physically and mentally.

Since Corona Direct started promoting hybrid working, two things have become very clear, says HR Generalist Catherine Mast: “We noticed that it was increasingly difficult for employees to draw a line between work and private life: they took fewer breaks and exercised less. The connection with colleagues also fell away a bit, because everyone came to the office on different days.”


That is why Corona Direct and Energy Lab joined forces to draw up a health plan. That plan was given the name Sparks. It links hybrid working to the human factor. “The great thing about Sparks is that it pays attention to mental and physical health, but also to group events at the same time,” says Catherine. The program includes various sessions on sleep, nutrition and exercise.

Group challenges and ambassadors

As part of Sparks, Corona Direct takes on group challenges around movement and group dynamics. “We took more than 10 million steps together during the first challenge. That raised € 9,000 for charity.” Some employees go a step further, and follow a real ambassador trajectory. “In six months' time, they get ready to run a half marathon under professional supervision.”

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