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Arvesta collects 800,000 kilometres for charity


The employees of Arvesta, full-service partner for farmers and horticulturists, managed to collect no fewer than 800,000 kilometres in 2021 through sporting challenges. They did so in collaboration with Energy Lab, which developed the 'Fit@Arvesta' wellbeing platform. Thanks to the collective sports achievements of its employees Arvesta donates € 10,000 to Athletes for Hope.

Arvesta has been part of the Energy Lab family since 2018. What started with an ambassador project quickly grew into an all-encompassing wellbeing trajectory within the company, with wellbeing campaigns around exercise, nutrition and sleep. To steer this in the right direction, we developed the digital Fit@Arvesta platform.

Global goal for charity 
From 2020 onwards, challenges on the platform were linked to a 'global goal'. Arvesta links sporting achievements in team to a donation for a good cause. In 2021 Arvesta chose the Athletes for Hope charity, a project by triathlete Marc Herremans that is dedicated to children with a spinal cord injury or muscular disease for whom walking is difficult. The money will be used, among other things, for the daily operation and purchase of rehabilitation equipment.

"By linking good causes to our wellbeing programme, we motivate our people to push a little extra" Eric Lauwers, CEO Arvesta

Contributing to people and society 
"I am proud that with Arvesta we can make a difference for Athletes for Hope," says Eric Lauwers, CEO at Arvesta. “With our sustainability targets we, as a major player, also want to contribute strongly to people and society, in addition to sustainable agriculture. By linking good causes to our wellbeing programme, we motivate our people to push a little extra and we help people who could really use the support."

Broad and inclusive 
The company is broadening the concept of wellbeing and, thanks to the scalability of Fit@Arvesta, can involve all its employees in a more inclusive way. Something that we picked up from the full 2022 calendar: 4 campaigns are already planned, including everyone's favourite, the Tour de France challenge, but also the World Cup Soccer Step challenge. Arvesta also continues to supplement the programme with inspiration sessions and on-site activations, with well-known personalities such as Sven Nys, and allows its employees to participate in Golazo events in free Arvesta jerseys.

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