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All Ageas Triathletes made it to the finish line!

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On Sunday the 19th of September, 14 Ageas Triathletes from AGI, AG Real Estate and Corporate Centre completed their final event, the IronLakes Triathlon, at Lac de L'eau d'heure with success! All participants crossed the finish line safely. “A fantastic experience with a great atmosphere. I dare say that we have fully lived up to all our Ageas core values: share, care, dare ... and we delivered,” said one of the participants afterwards.

Everyone made it to the finish line in the Team Triathlon!

More than a single sporting challenge, the ambassador trajectory remains a life-changing adventure. Building up to the event and working on your fitness goes hand in hand with working on yourself. 

Participant Ellen De Smet of AG Insurance knows this to be true: “Because I always kept improving my performance on the bike, I found the courage to join a local cycling association. There I met a lot of new and interesting people. It also helped me focus during the troubled times of the pandemic. Sport was a silver lining at the time.”

Work on your fitness, work on yourself

We have fully lived up to our Ageas core values Ageas

Relive the triathlon of the ambassadors the inspiring aftermovie below

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