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Working with Adecco, we make the link between exercise and a good cause

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Swimming, cycling and walking to improve the job opportunities of young people? Yes please. Together, we travelled more than 4 million km for a good cause.

Using the Win4Youth programme, Adecco is able to link its CSR projects to employee engagement in a very powerful way. Working out and doing sport with colleagues for charity, this is the driving force behind this beautiful project. 

More than 60% of the employees worldwide take an active part in this project. This means, the Adecco Win4Youth project has become enshrined in the DNA of this organisation. Moreover, Adecco's values are also included in this project: passion, entrepreneurship, team spirit, and responsibility. Let's go Win4Youth!

Win4Youth has had a huge positive impact on my life. Thanks to the support of all my colleagues, I have accomplished something that I never thought possible while supporting our charities at the same time. Adam A
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70 Adecco employees from 35 different countries are selected every year as ambassadors of this programme. They accept the challenge to participate in a sporting event. This year the triathlon of Barcelona was on the programme. Together with the godfather of the programme, Fabian Cancellara, they are the face of the Adecco Win4Youth programme worldwide and spread the message across the entire organisation.

Enjoy the Win4Youth 2017 finale event: the 1/4 triathlon of Barcelona

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