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Workshops / keynotes

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A motivational presentation in which top sport coach, Paul Van Den Bosch, first looks for an answer to the question, “why we have to move” and then explains the, “how to move” and “what is moving”? Or a sporty presentation in which Evy Gruyaert explains the success of the Start2Run app. Discover these and many other workshops and keynotes.

  • Paul Van Den Bosch - Act like a coach

    Enjoying a long career as a coach of top athletes, Paul Van den Bosch explains the success factors required by the athlete and coach to achieve a success together. Talent, resilience, goal-setting, motivation, a focus on strengths, trust, communication and stress resistance: all these factors are discussed in this contribution. Based on examples and anecdotes, a clear link is made to coaching in the business world.

  • Evi van Acker - The power of passion

    Evi withstood many turbulent waters on the way to her sporting successes. However, she always followed her passion and also combined this with higher studies. By setting the right long-term goals, by surrounding herself with the right people and learning to cope with setbacks and changes, she succeeded brio and reinvented herself in her post-sport career. In this keynote she summarizes that journey and the learnings powerfully. You can also hire Evi for keynotes about healthy food and wellbeing.

  • Aagje Vanwalleghem - Resilience

    An inspiring keynote about the importance of resilience and how this can be strengthened and stimulated by the environment. It is about the power of perseverance and how important the entourage is. Aagje tells the do's and don'ts from her experience. Excelling is one thing, the road to it is long. This keynote is a combination of experience, sincerity and theoretical insight in which a number of tools are provided to get to work immediately. Today, Aagje is an inspiration for all people with both sporting, personal and commercial ambitions.

  • Evy Gruyaert -  Run baby run

    Evy Gruyaert is the face and voice of sports initiative Start2Run/ Running with Evy; with more than 1 million downloads to date. She also became the face of Start to bike, Start to fitness, Start to swim and Yoga with Evy. You can rely on Evy for an inspiring session where she tells her story about how she started running and explained the success of the Start2Run app. Alternatively, a relaxing yoga session with yogi Evy is also possible.

  • Sven Nys - From Bike 2 Business

    Sven Nys gives an overview of his career, paying particular attention to the crucial motivational factors for the achievement of ever-new challenges and successes. Themes such as teamwork, intrinsic motivation, focus and drive are discussed in a story that is richly illustrated with actual examples.

  • Anneleen De Lille - Think healthy, eat healthy

    In this workshop, you will learn the basics of a healthy diet and how to apply them in a realistic way in your daily life. You will also learn how to create a new thinking pattern to your new habits so you can keep them going for the rest of your life. Choosing healthy food will become as easy as brushing your teeth every day thanks to this workshop. As a result, you can enjoy life with a body full of energy. Anneleen De Lille, author of the book Think healthy, eat healthy (In Dutch), knows what to do!

  • Elke Geraerts - Mental Capital

    Mental resilience is a crucial factor in order to be happy. It is the perfect antidote to stress and burnout. With the bestseller, “Mental Capital”, you learn that by strengthening your brain, you increase your resilience and become better able to cope with the stressful challenges of our time.

  • Florence Peres - Digital detox

    Digital detox is a method for reducing techno stress and gaining more focus. Smartphones are increasingly becoming extensions of ourselves. We check every news update feverishly, our mails 24/7, and Instagram eats us alive. Give your brain more peace with this session.

  • Jean-Michel Saive - The fighting spirit

    World champion, European champion, vice world champion, multiple Belgian champion in table tennis... The record of achievements Jean-Michel Saive has built up is very long and impressive. But what makes that record so special is the context and duration. Jean-Michel Saive has succeeded in reaching the top in a sport practised by more than a billion people, and which is mostly dominated by China. He was also able to retain the number 1 position for more than 15 months. His 25 Belgian championship titles in singles, as well as taking part in 7 Olympic Games, also perfectly demonstrate that he has competed at the top level for an exceptionally long time.  

    Learning to overcome obstacles and unavoidable difficulties to reach the top in a certain discipline: that is what Jean-Michel Saive conveys at the conferences that are open to all types of public.

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