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Employee engagement can grow in different ways. An excellent and efficient way is through sporting challenges. Our digital platform KeepMoving engages your employees as they keep moving to a healthier lifestyle.

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A steppingstone to a more active lifestyle

Many people, and especially those who perform a sedentary job, do not move enough. Through interactive, educational, and playful challenges, individually or as a team, they develop a more active lifestyle. Our goal is to engage and activate as many people as possible, and bring people back together after a period of living and working separately. Let your employees lead healthier and more productive lives. Because a healthy body works.

Inclusive and diverse

KeepMoving offers a wide range of sporting challenges, that vary in difficulty, duration and nature of the sporting activities. Participants walk, run, bike or perform all kinds of sporting activities to reach a predefined goal, depending on the size of your organization. Big or small, we have a fitting challenge that meets your needs. Running a marathon? We make it a feasible feat for all. Riding the Tour de France? Even beginners can do it, if they just keep moving!

Low-threshold challenges, low-threshold participation

Once you’ve chosen a challenge that fits your needs and wants, we can quickly set up the onboarding flow within your organization. KeepMoving is a plug-and-play concept, allowing your employees to register and connect their activity trackers and apps in a matter of clicks, after which they can immediately start logging their performances.

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Real-time data 

All performances are tracked real-time. Depending on the chosen challenge, this live data is visualised in different progress flows, providing you with useful insights. Perfect for companies and organizations that want to be close to their employees and create a more open and horizontal company culture. 

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